Monday, July 18, 2011

What Would Mr. Darcy Do? by Abigail Reynolds

What Would Mr Darcy Do?
There's only one gentleman to turn to when a lady is in desperate need of answers...

With scandal descending on the Bennet family (again!), Elizabeth absolutely refuses to drag Mr. Darcy's name into this shocking situation. But how on earth is she going to get her family out of trouble this time without his involvement? Hiding things from Mr. Darcy is getting more and more impossible, especially since he's started letting his feelings show...

I Give This Book: 4 Stars

My Thoughts:
The story begins directly after Elizabeth receives the news that Lydia has run off with Mr. Wickham. Almost immediately there are subtle changes in the story and towards the end there are drastic changes.

Every time when Darcy and Elizabeth are left alone in this book, they end up in each other's arms. Here is an example of this:
Darcy & Elizabeth and Bingley & Jane are taking a walk. When Darcy & Elizabeth get too far ahead of them, to the point where the couples lose sight of each other, they go into the forest and begin to passionately kiss. They only stop when they are discovered by Bingley & Jane.
I don't like reading about Darcy & Elizabeth like that and personally didn't feel that this is how they would act prior to being married. Especially Darcy, because of his high sense of morality and he would know how scandalous that kind of behavior would be. I also would think Darcy would want to avoid any similarities to Wickham - not behave just like him.

Overall, 'What Would Mr. Darcy Do?' is enjoyable and kept me entertained almost throughout the whole book. Were it not for Darcy & Elizabeth's behavior throughout this book, I would have given it a five-star rating, but because of that, I don't think this is a book that I will read again. I would recommend this book for those who can't get enough Pride & Prejudice retelling/sequels/spin-offs - I am sure they will enjoy this book.


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