Monday, February 28, 2011

Suspense And Sensibility (Or, First Impressions Revisited) by Carrie Bebris

Suspense and Sensibility or, First Impressions Revisited: A Mr. & Mrs. Darcy Mystery (Mr. & Mrs. Darcy)Suspense and Sensibility by Carrie Bebris

(From Inside Cover)

Fresh from the curious and unsettling matter of Caroline Bingley (as related in Pride and Prescience), Mr. and Mrs. Darcy have every intention of enjoying their still newlywed status at Pemberley, until they are confronted with another mysterious situation, one of...

Suspense and Sensibility

Elizabeth Darcy and her beloved husband, Fitzwilliam, are taking on the responsibility of finding a suitable suitor for Elizabeth's younger sister, Kitty, thereby assuring her a proper place in society.

The angels smile on the young, a perfect match is found, and wedding plans are soon under way. Suddenly a change in personality occurs in Kitty's soon-to-be model husband--- a change so striking as to jeopardize not just the Darcy's social standing but their lives as well.

A mysterious mirror, an insidious reprobate from the past, and matters far beyond the social circles around Pemberley all come into play in a dangerous puzzle, where the consequences may be the exchange of a soul for a soul.

Once again the Darcys take center stage as the Regency era's answer to The Thin Man's Nick and Nora, searching for truth between tea times, amid the social whirl of Jane Austen's England.

I give this book ★★★★

My Thoughts:

After reading Pride & Prescience, I quickly got started on reading the second book in the series. "Suspense & Sensibility" is another great book from Carrie Bebris. I love how she is  continuing the story of Pride & Prejudice in the "Mr. & Mrs. Darcy Mystery" Series while also incorporating the other stories written by Jane Austen. 

As I am sure you can tell from the title this book is based loosely on Sense & Sensibility. When Kitty Bennet meets the young Harry Dashwood it is almost love at first sight. But almost as soon as Kitty becomes engaged to Harry Dashwood, he begins to act very strange. He gives a very close friend the "cut direct" outside Boodle's Club, speaks very crudely to Kitty, gambles away most of his money and starts to pal around with some less than gentlemanly men.

I would have given this book five stars if not for all the supernatural aspects. If you have read my review on "Pride & Prescience"or have read the book yourself, then you know the first book had this as well. 

I recommend "Suspense & Sensibility" unless you don't like reading about supernatural aspects, but if you do or you can overlook them I think you would really enjoy it.

This book is the second book in "A Mr. & Mrs. Darcy Mystery" series.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gold of Kings by Davis Bunn

Gold of Kings: A NovelGold of Kings: A Novel by Davis Bunn

(From Inside Cover)

A dealer in art and antiquities, Storm Syrrell arranges her life as she does her work - into neat, orderly categories. But when her grandfather is murdered, all certainties are crushingly replaced by suspicions. She struggles to understand his death - and decipher the frayed leather journal she finds hidden in his vault. Storm soon realizes that, far from being simply a discreet art broker, Sean Syrrell was a trusted go-between in the highest ranks of business and government in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.
But not all of Sean's associates were quite so lofty. Enter Harry Bennett, a scruffy professional treasure hunter just released from a Caribbean jail, followed by Emma Webb, a US government lawyer with links to Interpol. Storm pushes her doubts aside, locks the door to her Palm Beach art gallery, and opens herself to the quest begun by her grandfather.
Their trail leads them ever farther afield-London, France, Istanbul, Cyprus-and ever deeper into danger. The thrill of the search is haunted by Storm's determination to bring Sean's murderers to justice. Storm and Harry in turn are targeted by an unknown  assassin and saved from death only by Harry's split-second reactions.
Their quest homes in on the Copper Scroll of Qumran and controversial claims made by the Jewish historian Josephus. Hidden beneath the dust and mysteries of two thousand years lies the reason behind Sean Syrrell's murder and the find of a lifetime: a fortune in gold of great historical significance. Storm begins to grasp the potential magnitude such artifacts will have on contemporary religion and politics-especially the competing historical claims to Jerusalem. Some seek to claim the gold for the treasure it represents; others are determined to destroy it. With the tangled motives of greed and power now in focus, old allies become new enemies. Through this, something unexpected tugs at Storm. The sacred relics represent a formidable metaphor to an ancient faith; will her search include a renewal of her own faith?

I give this book ★★★

My Thoughts:

While I enjoyed "Gold Of Kings" and plan to read the sequel, I thought quite a few parts were very boring, monotonous & unbelievable. The book started off great and held my interest very well. Towards the middle it started to get dull and became a struggle for me to keep reading it but I am glad I did. The last 100 pages were very exciting and I thought it ended very well.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Pride And Prescience (Or, A Truth Universally Acknowledged) by Carrie Bebris

Pride and Prescience: Or, A Truth Universally AcknowledgedPride and Prescience: Or, A Truth Universally Acknowledged by Carrie Bebris

(From Inside Cover)

Mr. & Mrs. Darcy, the joyous newlyweds from Pride and Prejudice, have not even left for their honeymoon when they find themselves embroiled in a mystery involving one of their wedding guests.

The lovely Caroline Bingley is engaged to marry a rich and charismatic American. Unfortunately, this whirlwind courtship is marred by many strange events: nocturnal wanderings, spooked horses, carriage accidents, and even an apparent suicide attempt. Soon the whole Bingley family seems the target of a mysterious plot.

Only the Darcys recognize the danger as the Austen genre of Regency romances mixes with the unearthly gothic threats of Ann Radcliffe and the Brontes. Dark forces are afoot and the Darcys must get to the bottom of the plot before the blushing bride descends into madness or worse.

In Pride and Prescience, the Darcys take center stage as the Regency era's answer to The Thin Man's Nick & Nora, in search of the truth, universally acknowledged and otherwise.

I give this book ★ ★ ★ ★

Once I began to read "Pride and Prescience" I couldn't put it down. The story was interesting and I loved how even though Elizabeth and Darcy differed on the reasons for what was happening, they still worked together to solve the mystery.  I enjoyed reading this book and can't wait to start reading the next book in the series. My only objection is about the supernatural aspects but I still would recommend "Pride And Prescience". If not for the supernatural aspects I would've given it 5 stars.

This book  is the first book in "A Mr. & Mrs. Darcy Mystery" series. 

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