Review Policy/Contact Me

Review Policy:
I love to read many different genres - there are actually very few that I don't like. It usually takes me between 3-6 weeks to review a book, though if the book is really long or if I am having a hard time concentrating on the book it may take me longer. Each review starts with a summary of the book being reviewed (from the back of the book, or sometimes I will summarize it myself), my rating of the book, my thoughts on the book (what I liked and/or didn't like) and then I will usually put the websites of the publisher and author at the end of my reviews along with any disclaimer.

I accept published and pre-published (ARC) books in the following formats:  printed books, audiobooks and e-books (Kindle format).When offered a choice between an e-book or a printed book, I prefer the latter.

I usually post my reviews on my blog, GoodReads and Amazon. I also sometimes post reviews to Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, LibraryThing, and Christian Book. If asked, I will post a review to any of those sites and if there is another site on which you would like me to post a review, just let me know and I will try to post it there:)

The genres I will accept are: 
  • Christian fiction^
  • Historical fiction^
  • Contemporary fiction
  • Regency romance (including Jane Austen sequels and retellings)^
  • Y/A fiction
  • Mystery
  • Thriller
  • Science fiction (occasionally)
  • Fantasy
  • Paranormal (sometimes)
  • Romance^
  • Action (sometimes)
  • Children's books (occasionally)
  • Non-fiction (Cookbooks, Self-helps, Bible study guides, Hobby/Craft books, Bibles, Biographies, History, Memoirs, Devotionals, Dieting books, Exercising books and Health books)
^ - Favorite genres.

The genres I won't accept are:
  • Erotica
  • GLBT
  • Poetry (though I won't accept poetry to review, I would be willing to do a guest post or a book spotlight on it)
***If I overlooked a genre and it's not listed on the genres that I won't accept, just send me the info. I love reading different genres, and to find a new one would be great.***

My rating system:
1 star - Just couldn't get into it, found it offensive and/or more than likely I hated it.
2 stars - It was so-so, parts were okay and other parts weren't.
3 stars - It was okay but nothing really captured my interest, lukewarm.
4 stars - I really enjoyed it, but probably not one that I'll read again.
5 stars - I absolutely loved it, a must read, one that I'll read again!

Authors, Publishers, etc.:
If you are interested in sending me a copy of your book to review, having me host a giveaway of your book, author interview, or book spotlight you can contact me via this FORM or at Megan.HardcoverFeedback (AT) gmail (DOT) com. I will reply back as soon as I can. Please provide in your message a summary of the book, author bio, links and photos for the author and the book (if available), and, if at all possible, an excerpt.