Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Taking Of Chelsea 426 (Doctor Who: New Series Adventures #34) by David Llewellyn (Review)

The Chelsea Flower Show - hardly the most exciting or dangerous event in the calendar, or so the Doctor thinks. But this is Chelsea 426, a city-sized future colony floating on the clouds of Saturn, and the flowers are much more than they seem.

As the Doctor investigates, he becomes more and more worried. Why is shopkeeper Mr Pemberton acting so strangely? And what is Professor Wilberforce's terrible secret?

They are close to finding the answers when a familiar foe arrives, and the stakes suddenly get much higher. The Sontarans have plans of their own, and they're not here to arrange flowers...

Featuring the Tenth Doctor as played by David Tennant in the hit Doctor Who BBC Television series.


I thought that the tenth Doctor was well represented in this novel, I could certainly picture David Tennant saying and doing most of the things in the book very easily which made the story very enjoyable.

The story reminded me, in a way, of the Waters of Mars episode except these alien takeovers were more subtle and you really had to pay attention to notice they were different.

I enjoyed the Sontarans part, the one fight scene was especially fun to imagine. The ending was predictable, yet I still laughed at it.

All in all, a very good installment in the DW series and one I'd recommend.

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  • Paperback: 256 pages
  • Published:  BBC Digital; UK ed. edition (October 6, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B0031RSAPQ
  • Available to purchase: Amazon (Kindle)

David Llewellyn is a Welsh novelist and script writer. He grew up in Pontypool and graduated from Dartington College of Arts in 2000. His first novel, Eleven, was published by Seren Press in 2006. His second, Trace Memory, a spin-off from the BBC drama series Torchwood, was published in March 2008. Everything Is Sinister was published by Seren in May 2008. He has written two novels for the Doctor Who New Series Adventures: The Taking of Chelsea 426, featuring the Tenth Doctor, and Night of the Humans, featuring the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond.

In addition to writing novels, Llewellyn wrote the Bernice Summerfield audio play Paradise Frost and the Dark Shadows audio drama The Last Stop for Big Finish Productions.

Llewellyn lives in Cardiff.


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