Monday, January 27, 2014

The Calling by Suzanne Woods Fisher (Review)

Twenty-year-old Bethany Schrock is restless. Her love life has derailed, her faith hangs by a thread, and she is spending the incredibly hot summer days wading through a lifetime’s accumulation of junk at the home of five ancient Amish sisters. About the only thing that holds her interest is the spirited and dangerously handsome Jimmy Fisher–and he seems bent on irritating her to no end.

When the sly old sisters and a guest at the Inn get Bethany involved in running the local soup kitchen and starting a community garden, she suddenly finds herself wondering, Shootfire! How did that happen? Despite her newfound purposefulness, a gnawing emptiness about a childhood mystery continues to plague her. Encouraged by Jimmy Fisher, she will seek out the answers she craves–and uncover a shocking secret that will break her heart, heal it, and point her to love.


After reading The Letters , book one in the Inn at Eagle Hill series, I didn't have high hopes for this book. It was slightly better than the first one but I think that's only because I knew who almost all the characters were - in the first book I was lost for the first several chapters.

I like how the book is told from several points of view, but that's about all I really liked.

There were so many times when things were repeated, in a different way, within a couple paragraphs that it very much got on my nerves. I found it annoying when something was mentioned by one of the characters and then shortly thereafter (usually within the same setting, same people) was repeated, as if stated for the first time. That seemed to happen quite often.

For a book that takes place with people from the Old Order Amish I was surprised when on several occasions it was made to sound as if everyone had a phone right near them. I know there are phone shanties, but it didn't sound like that was what they were using a lot of the time.

I've heard some say that this book could be a stand-alone but I completely disagree. The story may shift the main perspective to a different character, in this case Bethany, but it still is moving forward from the previous one and adding on to it. There's a back story to the series, how Rose's husband's investment firm went bankrupt and the ramifications of that, so if you were to jump in with The Calling I think a lot of that would be missed.

To me this series is one that you'd read if you want something light when you don't have much time to read and are constantly having to put the book down, as so many things are repeated.

I may read the next book in this series when it releases but it's not on the top of my list to do so.

***I received a complimentary copy of this book to review. I was asked to give my honest opinion of the book - which I have done.***

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  1. It sounds like a great plot. I like the five sister idea.