Thursday, October 10, 2013

Murder, Mayhem, and a Fine Man by Claudia Mair Burney (Review)

All Amanda Bell Brown wanted for her 40th birthday was to watch CSI on television, but what she got was a couple of corpses, a hunk of a detective, and a drop-dead gorgeous red dress. What's a girl to do when a cult madman is on the loose? Save the day, of course, and maybe snag a good man.


Murder, Mayhem, and a Fine Man was a fun and quirky read that also covered a much deeper topic than I was expecting. It was much more a romance than a mystery, in my opinion.

I felt so terrible for all that Amanda went through in her younger years and what she still goes through because of it.

The relationship between Amanda and Jazz became intense very quickly, almost too quickly. They meet and within the same night they are kissing and saying that they love each other - semi in jest, yes, but mostly serious. This begins a lot of verbal sparring between the two that was a lot of fun to read :)

This book is categorized as Christian fiction, but it's not what I usually expect from that genre. What I expect from Christian fiction is a faith based message (or element), no cuss words and no suggestive scenes. This book did a great job of the first two, there was a lot of talk about God and the Bible and were absolutely no cuss words, however with the other not so much. One scene that stands out is when Amanda's sister says, somewhat seriously, "she could stand a good bodice ripping tonight" (p. 27), but there were a whole lot of other things. This seems to be more common among African American Christian fiction, not sure why that is. So I'm rating this book as though it were a mainstream novel. I'm much harsher on Christian fiction.

If you don't mind a little suggestive talking, nothing too bad, then I think you would enjoy this book.

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