Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Amish Midwife by Mindy Starns Clark & Leslie Gould

The Amish Midwife (The Women of Lancaster County, #1)The Amish Midwife by Mindy Starns Clark

(From Back Cover)

A deathbed Confession...
A dusty carved box containing two locks of hair...
A century-old letter about property in Switzerland...

Nurse-midwife Lexie Jaeger's encounter with all three rekindles a burning desire to meet her biological family. Propelled on a personal journey of discovery, Lexie's search for the truth takes her from her home in Oregon to the heart of Pennsylvania's Amish country.

There she finds Marta Bayer, a mysterious lay-midwife who may hold the key to Lexie's past. But Marta isn't talking, especially now that she has troubles of her own following the death of an Amish patient during childbirth. As Lexie steps in to assume Marta's patient load and continues the search for her birth family,  a handsome local doctor proves to be a welcome distraction. But will he also distract her from James, the man back home who lovingly awaits her return?

From her Amish patients, Lexie learns the meaning of the Pennsylvania Dutch word demut: "to let be." Will this woman who wants to control everything ever learn to depend totally on God? Or will her  stubborn determination to unearth the secrets of the past at all costs only serve to tear her new found family apart?

A compelling story about a search for identity and the ability to trust that God securely holds our whole life - past, present, and future.

I give this book ★★★★

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading "The Amish Midwife" so much that I couldn't put it down and so I finished it in one night. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who either likes Amish or historical books. It was very well written and a pleasure to read.

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