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The Invention of Sarah Cummings by Olivia Newport (Review)

Sarah Cummings has one goal in life--to break into Chicago's high society. Desperate to stop serving dinner and to start eating at society tables, Sarah alters cast-off gowns from the wealthy Banning women to create lustrous, flattering dresses of her own. On a whim at a chance meeting, she presents herself as Serena Cuthbert, weaving a fictitious past to go with her fictitious name. But as she gets closer to Simon Tewell, the director of St. Andrew's Orphanage, Sarah finds that she must choose between the life she has and the life she dreams of. Will she sacrifice love to continue her pretense? Or can Simon show her that sometimes you don't have to pretend for dreams to come true?
Olivia Newport brings us back to Prairie Avenue to explore the place where class, social expectations, and romance come together. Readers will enjoy following the intrepid Sarah as she searches for true love in a world of illusions.


After reading so many bloggers' reviews saying that they didn't like Sarah at all and couldn't connect with her, I was apprehensive about reading this book - though it ended up being completely unnecessary, as I greatly enjoyed this book and actually loved Sarah.

A lot of people may have found Sarah annoying, I agree at times she was very annoying, and hard to like. I thought this added to the story, as I don't think we were supposed to love everything she was doing since she was lying and deceiving so many people by living two lives. And though I personally liked her, I so wish she never would have started with her "invention" but that didn't make her any less likeable, to me.

The description and details in this book, just like the first two books in this series, are fantastic. You can tell the author did a lot of research.

My only complaint, which is minor, is that Sarah never seemed to get any penalties for her wrong doing. I don't think

The Invention of Sarah Cummings was a great read and a wonderful conclusion to this fabulous series. Each book could easily be read by themselves and enjoyed, as each is about a different person. Of course, if you hate for things to be spoiled you may want to read them in order since the characters from the previous books make appearances in each of the following books.

I would recommend The Invention of Sarah Cummings or the Avenue of Dreams series to anyone who loves historical fiction.

***I received a complimentary copy of this book to review. I was asked to give my honest opinion of the book - which I have done.***

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