Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One Chance In A Million by Cathy Marie Hake (Review)

Having endured a grueling voyage from the British Islands, Mariam arrives at the Chance brothers' ranch expecting to help her sister care for two children and six men. But Miriam is shocked to learn that her sister has died and her two nieces have been neglected. When the Chance brothers order Miriam to take the next ship back to her home, she digs in her heels. Her place is with her nieces - even if that reduces her chances of marriage to about one in a million. As the months pass, though, will Miriam come to believe that maybe one Chance is all she needs?


A historical book that is a very speedy read - perfect for when you want to have a book you can read in one sitting. The story reminded me quite a bit of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (one of my favorite old movies) in a few different ways: 1) Miriam was a great cook - like Milly, 2) When Miriam arrived at the Chance brothers' ranch, the place was filthy and as soon as she was able, she started to clean it up, and 3) There was a scene where there was a cabin raising with a competition (but minus the feuding) - like the barn raising scene in the movie.

After reading One Chance In A Million, I found out it is part of a series of six books, but thankfully it is the first! All six of the books have been combined into two 3-in-1 books, the first is California Chances and the second is Kentucky Chances. I hope to be able to get these books soon, so I can read more about the Chance brothers! I would recommend One Chance In A Million to fans of good clean historical fiction.

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  1. I love Cathy Marie Hake, but haven't read her newest books. Thanks for the review! I'll have to pick this one up.