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Until Next Time by Amy Lignor (Review)

How does a girl choose between the one who steals her heart and the one who owns her soul?

Matt and Emily were created for a specific job. Raised and trained as the ultimate angel/warrior team, they are sent down to save, defend, judge and forgive, depending on the 'life' they've been assigned. What they don't realize is that the power of human emotions, such as love, anger, passion and fear can take over even the best of souls, causing them to make mistakes and follow paths that lead to confusion and heartache.

When the reason for their training is finally revealed, the angel/warrior team find themselves thrust into a world they know nothing about. Matt takes over the life of Daniel, a young man with a great deal of baggage. Emily becomes Liz, a girl living in a remote village who relies on nothing more than her own strength to survive. A violent storm erupts one night, and framed in the window of Liz's establishment is a frightening face. Let in by the soul of a Good Samaritan, the two visitors bring with them a past full of secrets that could literally change an angel's path and a warrior's plans.

From murder to redemption, this angel/warrior team must find a way to keep the faith they have in each other in a world that's ripping them apart.


The story was a quick read (thankfully), but had it not been for the fact I had to review this book I would have not continued reading it. First of all let me state that I am a Christian, and as such I found a lot of the references to Heaven and the afterlife in this book to be wrong and some down-right offensive. If this book had not made it very clear that the people being mentioned were the well-known archangels from the Bible, Gabriel and Michael, and the writers of the first four books of the New Testament, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John - I would have probably overlooked a lot of the things I found to be offensive, because I know that when I read a non-Christian novel that is what may happen. However, when the story goes to great lengths to make you realize that the people being described are the ones I just mentioned, then I find it offensive.

What I liked:
  • That the part of the story takes place in Ireland.
  • That the story was a very quick read.
  • Umm...umm...I can't think of anything else I liked about this book. Sorry!

What I didn't like:
  • The casual way that Jesus's names is taken in vain and the jokes made about both that and other swearing. Quote: Looking at Gabe, Mike sighs, "I swear - you're worse than they are." "You shouldn't swear," Gabe smirks. "I hear it's frowned upon up here." 
  • The complete and total disregard for the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross to save those who will accept Him as their personal Saviour. Quote: "We're looking at what could be the end. And your partnership is the only thing that may save them all down there. It's up to the two of you."
  • I don't believe that anything will be better than Heaven, but this quote has Mark saying "If you find the right person and open your heart to him, you'll enjoy a love that will be better than...well...Heaven." Are you kidding me! An emotion with someone on earth will be better than spending the rest of eternity with the Lord? I don't think so!
  • How the Gospel writers were written as though they were children. Stealing each others things and saying how they were giggling.
  • The way the angels are more like witches in that they conjure up things with a wave of their hand.
  • The way that it makes it seem as though angels are capable of creating different species of life. 
  • The way it made it seem as though everyone will get to come back to earth as many times as they want, and then when they are tired of earth they can stay in Heaven.
  • The way it made it seem as though angels are both male and female and that they have "relationships" with each other. The Bible is very clear that angels on this issue.
  • I personally found it very annoying every time one of the angels would say some well known phrase (i.e. "Take the time to smell the roses") and then would say "I hope that catches on some day". This happened A LOT!
  • There is more, but I can't remember it and I read this book as an ebook so it is very hard to flip through it to jog my memory.

I hate to give books low ratings, because I know that authors put a lot of work into writing them, but when I find parts to be offensive, other parts just not accurate, and the story completely boring I have to give them a low rating. I almost wanted to give the book 1 star, but felt that wouldn't be fair to the author as the writing style was very easy to read. But, I can't give it any higher than a 1 1/2 stars rating. Obviously I wouldn't recommend this book.

***I received a complimentary copy of this book to review. I was asked to give my honest opinion of the book - which I have done.***

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