Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Read A Book Day 2011

Today, September 6, 2011 is National Read a Book Day. The holiday is designed to encourage us to take time from our busy lives and relax with a great book. This year we have selected Shana Burton’s Catt Chasin’(Urban Books) as our 2011 Read a Book Day Pick.

Why did we choose this book?
Catt Chasin’ the story of Jamal Ford. He has narrowed his love life down to a science through the creation of his30-Day Dating Plan, a guide intended to weed out the drama queens, gold-diggers, and baby mamas from his ideal: a part goddess, part sex kitten, and part Stepford Wife mate. The shallow, fun-loving 33-year-old knows he’s one of Charlotte, North Carolina’s most eligible bachelors, and he won’t settle for anything less than the trophy wife of his dreams.Catherine “Catt” Cason has never let anything slow her down. The brilliant chemist takes being labeled “the cute fat girl” in stride as she fast-tracks her way to a top position with her cosmetic company, Telegenic. While she would enjoy the love of a good man, Catt refuses to risk heartbreak again just to have a warm body at her side. Besides, why settle for the love of an earthly man when she is the fiancĂ©e of Christ?
When Jamal is paired with Catt to launch a new product for work, it’s loathe at first sight. She thinks he’s arrogant and incompetent; he thinks she’s a sanctimonious kill-joy. However, what each believes they want may not be what God knows they need. In this game of love, rules don’t exist, and no heart is safe. The Lord is speaking, but will they be too caught up in their own agendas to listen?
Doesn’t the sound like fun?
We will be talking about the book all September and chatting with the author, Shana Burton, too.
Would you like to join us?
To join us is an easy three step process:
  1. Join us all month long on Facebook by clicking here (http://on.fb.me/bookmonth).
  2. If you do not own a copy, click here to purchase one (http://amzn.to/cattchase )
  3. Share http://amzn.to/cattchase with your friends on Facebook or Twitter/

Once you’re done, please check in here. Our Goal is to get 50 readers reading Shana Burton Catt Chasin on September 6 and throughout the month. That’s not a Hard Goal. Right?!
Thanks for participating!

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